About SHE.

She couldn’t feel her wings,
but knew they were there.
So she built a ladder that lead to the sky, 
and when she touched the clouds, 
she remembered how to fly. - Atticus

She Dot is here to help build those ladders, and works to bridge the gap between socio-economic inequality, working to improve the lives of many through diversity education and skills workshops. Fun and relatable, we aim to provide a welcoming environment where girls are encouraged to be their best selves. 

As a social enterprise, we have a series of children’s picture books, written and illustrated by hand, which aim to reverse social prejudices by taking a modern twist on classic fairy tales and touching on issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia and disability discrimination. 

We also create and facilitate both workshops and events, which provide hands-on skills development and contact time. These are great for networking, learning from like-minded individuals, and promoting learning outside the classroom and connecting it in real world.

Find out more at: www.shedot.co.uk