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Rani and the Frog - English

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About the book:
In the beautiful palace gardens, Rani plays with her beloved red ball until, all of a sudden "SPLASH" goes the ball right into the deep pond. And that is how she meets River, a ribbiting frog full of surprises. River agrees to get the ball if Rani grants three promises, and with that, the two embark on a journey full of twists and turns.
About the series:
Our crafted tales aim to introduce relevant social issues at younger ages, to welcome open minded views and provoke discussions. They take a modern twist on a classic fairytale in order to bring to light social issues with varied and stretching language, allowing parents to share storytime with their children in a refreshing way with the opportunity to open up conversation or simply enjoy a well-loved story.
Praise for the book:
Peter Tatchell: "A charming, beautifully illustrated story about how good comes to those who keep their promises and how love can happen in unexpected ways."

Miriam Margolyes OBE: "This magic fairy tale is delightful, beautifully drawn and completely truthful. It gives me hope that all our Rani's out there will find their happiness and all will be well."


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