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Riley - English

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About the book:
In the enchanted kingdom of Goldenleaf the beloved royal baby, Riley, is whisked away to the terrifying land of Estormia. Here, Riley spends many years locked away in a tower, lonely and longing for a saviour. One day, a mysterious voice from in the midst of the forest calls out
"Oh Riley! Riley! Let down your long hair!"
KEY THEMES - sexism, racism
About the series:
Our crafted tales aim to introduce relevant social issues at younger ages, to welcome open minded views and provoke discussions. They take a modern twist on a classic fairytale in order to bring to light social issues with varied and stretching language, allowing parents to share storytime with their children in a refreshing way with the opportunity to open up conversation or simple enjoy a well-loved story.
Praise for the book:
Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE: " A gentle twist on a classic that will hopefully help us all think a little bit differently about our norms. Storytelling is so powerful!"

Layla Moran MP: "a delightful and good humoured approach to complex and challenging issues."


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